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Real estate mentors

Meet your mentors

John McGrath

John McGrath

A powerhouse of real estate knowledge and inspiration.

His industry experience and skills position him as a valuable authority on building your brand and growing your business in any location or market. John could literally see the future and embraced technology early on playing an important role that helped shape online real estate marketing in Australia and New Zealand. As head of the McGrath group, John knows the challenges all agents face in an increasingly competitive market.

Phil Harris

Phil Harris

A very entertaining speaker.

But the hidden value in his sessions is his checklist of actionable ideas his audience can put to work the very same day. His energy and focus helped him build a 5-office network and a team of more than 100 agents, but Phil’s real passion is effective prospecting and the fastest way to get the most results. It’s empowering to listen and learn from such a high achiever and you’ll quickly discover the essential daily actions that make good agents great.

Marcus Chiminello

Marcus Chiminello

With an annual GCI of more than $4 Million.

Marcus Chiminello has built a team within a team in one of Australia’s most successful luxury agencies. His insight and ideas will save you time and make you money as he advises who to hire first, and the single most important thing you can do each day to take your career to the next level. This IS Express Results and ESSENTIAL info for anyone looking to grow a team the right way with minimum risk.

James Tostevin

James Tostevin

Get ready to acquire wisdom and confidence from one of real estate’s true heavy hitters.

Over more than 30 years, James Tostevin has built a stunning team of top performers by giving attention to detail and building his day around making sure the dollar productive actions are knocked out of the park. You’re going to be getting up close and personal with a real estate legend who delivers power tactics and strategies plus the lessons learned from a brilliant career.

Jason Boon

Jason Boon

You will probably never meet a more likeable and charismatic agent.

Spending his time between his two passions, real estate and surfing, Jason is a leading Sydney agent selling some of the most expensive and high-profile real estate in town. A ferocious networker and gifted marketer, Jason shares his secret real estate success sauce giving all the short cuts to his amazing dominance in a very competitive market. These are the Express Results that save months and years of experimenting and trial and error. One of the most popular mentors on our panel, Jason will show you the way to rapid results.

Aaron Shiner

Aaron Shiner

One of the first agents to consistently earn more than $100,000 in gross commission every month and detail how he did it.

If you know anything about Aaron, you’ll know he’s all about the formula and the system. He believes the best ideas and strategies can be systemized to produce consistent and reliable results.

Michael Sheargold

Michael Sheargold

Has dominated the real estate coaching scene for many years.

A favourite with so many top agents, Michael’s style and accountability formula changes attitudes and builds careers. This is a guy who knows how to coach. He knows the essential ‘hot buttons’ that motivate agents and what drives them to succeed.

Mat Steinwede

Mat Steinwede

McGrath super agent.

Mat Steinwede drives his business with exceptional customer service, technology and next-level database management. A consistent $2 million plus a year performer, Mat continually reinvents himself to make sure he’s reaching out and connecting with his market in different and innovative ways. There’s so much you will learn from Mat including his rise to the top from a very difficult and challenging beginning.

Dane Atherton

Dane Atherton

Harcourts superstar is in high demand as an elite real estate coach and speaker.

Dane believes training, learning and improving are all the same thing and a continual process. He believes that when you stop learning, you stop earning or at best stand still. Dane operates in Queensland’s Gold Coast, one of the most agent saturated areas of Australia. A fierce competitor, Dane shares the lessons learned in the field from a long and successful real estate career. He believes it’s doing the right things better and more often. He argues real estate is not difficult, it’s just that most people don’t know what to do and how to execute the essential daily tasks that will let you dominate your field.

Sadhana Smiles

Sadhana Smiles

Growing a major franchise brand in Victoria is not for the faint-hearted.

This is an uber competitive market with many long and established real estate traditions. So that looks like a job for Sadhana Smiles.

As CEO of Harcourts Victoria, Sadhana brings a wealth of experience and success to her role and as a power advocate for the advancement of women in business, she has so much to share.

Tim Heavyside

Tim Heavyside

You probably won’t find an agent with as many glowing accolades.

As director and lead auctioneer at Fletchers in Victoria, Tim knows how to WOW his clients. He’s also a big fan of Rate My Agent and has turned his following into a huge marketing success with the start up agent rating service. Last year, the former factory worker sold more than $156 million in real estate, selling 100 auctions with an average sale price over $1 million. You’ll enjoy and profit from Tim’s ideas and be sure to take plenty of notes. Plenty of gold!

Amber Werchon

Amber Werchon

When Amber Werchon started at Ray White, her business within a business grew quickly.

This comes with knowing what to do and doing it. As listings and sales increased, so did the support Amber needed. Before she knew it, she had a support team of 20 and became a leader almost by accident.

Today Amber runs a team of 60 from one self-named mega office on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. As the business approaches 10 years, Amber’s knowledge and intuitive leadership style is an inspirational ’how’ to’ manual for anyone looking to grow their business and personal brand.

Gary Peer

Gary Peer

Melbourne’s South East suburbs are some of the most competitive real estate territories in the world.

There are many agents with long and strong connections to loyal clients. Marketing and the standard of service is exceptionally high and as if that’s not enough, there are also thousands of agents competing with each other to win listings and make sales.

This is the area where Gary Peer’s business thrives. His highly profitable 5 office operation has a total team of more than 100. Over more than 31 years, Gary has seen the highs and lows of the real estate market and continues to train and build exceptional teams of award winning agents. Who better to mentor and coach you to real estate success?

Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez

Perth start up Realty Lane has hit the ground running.

Founder, Daniel Gonzalez has channeled energy and passion to record an impressive first year selling more than $130 million worth of property which he’s basically done all by himself.

If you’ve thought about flying your own flag and turning your back on the big brands to start your own company, Daniel’s success and strategies will get you focused on the things that matter as he sets his sights on $200 million for year two.

Matt Lancashire

Matt Lancashire

How do you become the number 1 performer in your state?

With hard work, dedication and giving priority to the dollar productive tasks that let you advance. It’s all about knowing what’s next! There’s a lot any agent can learn and copy from Matt Lancashire’s meteoric rise to the top. When you acquire the knowledge of someone who’s achieved so much in just 10 years, you’ll see a clear path to what you can achieve with minimum resources.

Megan Jaffe

Megan Jaffe

Remuera is a suburb of Auckland and the biggest real estate market in New Zealand.

It’s also one of the most competitive. Megan Jaffe is celebrated as one of the best leaders in the Ray White group. Inspiring and motivating a team of more than 50 agents isn’t easy but the leadership skills you’ll learn from Megan make it sound that way.

But everyone starts somewhere and building an amazing dominant business doesn’t just happen. Megan’s people strategies make her one of the most popular leaders in the group. Get ready to be inspired to new heights as you learn from one of the best.

Sherrie Storer

Sherrie Storer

Elite agent and mentor.

The global financial meltdown hit Sherrie Storer’s business like a freight train and many real estate businesses crumbled, but not Sherrie’s. She fought back and not only survived but re-built her business back to full strength.

In addition to being an elite agent, Sherries shares a passion for mentoring others to reach their full potential. There’s a lot to learn from Sherrie’s journey and her ideas will change the way you think about your personal path to success.

Why wait to become successful in real estate when you can take the proven shortcut?

Get more listings and sales when you’re mentored by the masters and discover the REAL secrets to real estate success!

Get started NOW for less than $1.40 a day!
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Take a sneak peek inside the real estate express results private training & coaching vault

Here’s what you’re getting and EXACTLY how these proven tools and strategies deliver results faster.


Discover the very best and most effective prospecting tools from the ONLY people qualified to tell you… the very best agents on the planet! Because they use their time more effectively, they focus on the best prospecting methods and cut right to the chase with the prospecting actions you need to start focusing on today.


You’ll quickly notice a cool and effective consistency with the way your mentors present at every opportunity. Tweak your presentation to reflect these proven ideas. Be coached in the very best ways to ‘pre-sell’ yourself well before you arrive at every listing presentation.

The Listing Process

Every listing lost is actually 4 times the fee you missed. You lose it, your competition gets it plus you lose 1 or 2 more opportunities to list around your listing. So unless your listing presentation strike rate is 100%, you’ll discover a load of awesome listing ideas that you’ll want to start using at your very next appointment to keep more of the fees you deserve. Make the investment in yourself today to boost your numbers with the ideas your mentors will share in this exclusive program.


With the right systems in place, you can actually do more with less and deliver a AAA service to every buyer and seller which will put you on the map faster than anything else. Express Results is specifically built to deliver a short-cut in almost every situation by adding a solid structure and process to your business. The sooner you start, the sooner you will benefit.


Imagine having access to the very best negotiating scripts for every situation. From defending your fee to having a seller reduce their price to convincing a buyer to pay that little extra to secure the home of their dreams and a sale for you. Your mentors are ready and waiting to help you lead the way and negotiate the very best outcomes for your clients and yourself. You will quickly gain the confidence and skill to navigate the most challenging scenarios. Where others fail, you triumph!


Great leaders are not born, they are made and EVERY home seller is looking for the best leadership and advice. Leaders show confidence and the ability to engineer the very best outcome for their clients and themselves. The most successful way to learn an essential character trait like leadership is to spend time in the company of great leaders. The Express Results program and resources you’re about to dive in to feature real estate’s BEST leaders who offer award winning leadership skills. Learn to lead fast and watch your results follow!

Time Management

If we all have the same amount of minutes in the day, how come only a very few agents know how to leverage them better? Getting more from every day is the FASTEST way to grow your results and your Real Estate Express mentors are here to help you do just that from inside tips and lessons learned. Keep in mind, everyone started somewhere but the spoils go to those that learn the fastest. Real estate is like the jungle. The slow get eaten! There has never been MORE great advice in ONE place than right here!

Personal Marketing

You’ll find all your mentors are brilliant personal marketers. They consider themselves the brand and ALL of their marketing is directed toward that proven concept and belief. But deciding on exactly how to ‘package’ YOU is easier said than done and little things can have an amazing impact on your success and just how long it takes to get there. Please keep in mind, this program and your participation is all about getting there faster and the examples our mentors give will help you position you and your personal brand as the authority in your area if you follow their advice and action their suggestions. We think this is one of the most exciting modules in the whole program!

Property Marketing

At the end of the day, you’ll be judged by the way you market your client’s property. Everything matters and everything counts. From the copy on your signs to the experience you deliver at your opens, no detail is too small or unimportant. A great marketing campaign should be a launching pad to more listings and sales. Your mentors have developed systems and strategies to handle this vitally important part of their business and are ready to share and help you fast-track your own systems. You’re learning from the best and all you need to do is copy and paste.

Agent Mindset

Ultimately, your personal mindset will determine your success and this is where a great coach or mentor can influence your thinking with inspiration and motivation to help you emulate their achievements. Take a look at your mentoring panel and you’ll see a group of self-made success stories. But let’s be real for a moment. Nobody can be ‘up’ and bullet proof all the time. So what are the hacks and life lessons that help you go when everything is screaming stop? What are the stories you’ll hear from real estate’s best that have lifted so many before you and how can you prepare yourself for elite success no matter where you’re from or what your market is like. Getting your mindset tuned for maximum performance is probably the key to overall success. But you don't need to do this alone. Tap into your mentors and discover their ideas and how they reached and surpassed their goals.

What do I get?

Complete online log-in access. Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Real Estate Express Results is the ultimate training package. To help you access the help you want from the mentors you need, you can easily find what you’re looking for with a quick search in any one of the following 10 dedicated categories.

The Express Audio Library

Real estate’s largest and most comprehensive audio training suite. More than 500 hours of listen on-the-go content from real estate’s best agents and coaches. Each session is about 15 minutes and covers every topic in the 10 categories. Listen from your car, the gym or walking the dog. This content is designed to deliver express results

The Express Video Library

We have tools to help you grow your business. Access world class real estate training and take your results to the next level. More than 200 videos (each about 10 minutes) + 6 new videos each week featuring The Real Deal where we ask top agents:

  • An objection – what do you say when they say…
  • Most powerful dialogue – script
  • Most productive prospecting strategy
  • Best time management tip
  • What KPI’s are important for you
  • How do you get out of a slump?
Regular LIVE webinars

Don’t move… We come to you! The ultimate in power coaching convenience. Get motivated and inspired with fresh ideas and system updates with our regular live webinars. We love connecting with our agent friends and look forward to bringing you the very best our industry has to offer. And the good news is that we come to you. You’ll get best results from your desktop or tablet so watch out for our email invites on relevant topics to make sure you win more listings and make more sales.

The Express Resources Library

Access our extensive resources library. So many RE Express Mentors have generously shared scripts, letters and marketing templates. There’s no better way to set up your system than by downloading these essential resources. These are the actual documents they use to record amazing numbers year and after year and are the perfect addition to all the other training and support you’ll receive.

3 specific reasons why you’ll discover more and reach your goals faster with real estate express results

Keep in mind, you’re carrying your mentors and real estate’s best advice and support in your pocket.

At ANY TIME, you can watch a video or listen to an audio on a specific real estate success topic and learn from the masters. Right from your phone!

  • Specific Reason #1

  • Quickly find EXACTLY what you want from the mentor you need

    Your mentors are the best of the best. Each has been chosen for the bounty of experience and skill they bring to the table. We’ve split everything up to it’s appropriate area so you don’t need to search and burn daylight consuming training you don’t need. That’s what EXPRESS RESULTS is all about. You get straight into the info you want from the mentors you need.

  • Specific Reason #2

  • The best mentors are the best at sharing to help you get their message fast!

    The men and women we’ve selected to be your panel of coaching mentors are all very good at sharing their knowledge and success. They not only understand how to get to where they want to go, they can show you how to get there more effectively than ANY other coach in the space. If you were going to climb Mt Everest, wouldn’t you want to train with someone who’s actually done it?

  • Specific Reason #3

  • Warning: These are 100% actionable ideas you can start using today

    Once you log in to the exclusive members area and see what we have in store for you, you’ll quickly see we’re not really interested in theory and long, drawn out background on what to do. You’ll discover our mentors are all about actionable ideas you can quickly implement today to win more listings and make more sales. This is what worked for me and this is how I did it. Time is our most precious resource so why waste it on ‘fluff’ you can’t use. Your mentors respect the clock and want results from every day. Their business minds are focused on the actions that GET RESULTS. This is your invitation to join them and get started.

Why wait to become successful in real estate when you can take the proven shortcut?

Get more listings and sales when you’re mentored by the masters and discover the REAL secrets to real estate success!

Get started NOW for less than $1.40 a day!
(Total value: over $7700!)


You’re genuinely interested in boosting your numbers and growing your personal brand

You understand what hard work is all about and you’re up for the challenge

You are not prone to questioning every single thing. If you discover a good proven idea from someone with the authority to share it, you don't waste any time implementing

You respect time and know that all the money in the world will not buy back the last 24 hours. You realize that you have the power to influence the success of the next day, week and month and that the actions you take and decisions you make today can affect the rest of your career.

You understand the importance of investing in yourself with the very best training and that the quality of what goes in will determine the quality of what comes out

You understand that no one ever achieved anything by themselves and are not too proud to ask and receive help from those qualified to give it

You’re 100% dedicated to your personal success and will do whatever it takes to get there


You’ve been involved in training before and see this as just another training program. (You’re wasting your time with this approach)

Instead of doing whatever it takes, you’re happy to just ‘try’ and see what happens

You’re wanting the rewards without investing in your success (that’s like expecting a fire to warm you without burning any wood)

You’re a chronic procrastinator and have major issues with getting past the planning stage of any pursuit

Accessible Anywhere!

You’re fully mobile… so are we!

This is the elite training program that’s always with you and always available so all your Real Estate Express Results resources can be accessed on your desktop or mobile device anytime! All you need is an Internet connection.

What’s holding you back?

If you could have done it by yourself,
wouldn’t you have done it already?

Kevin Young

How is Real Estate Express Results Different?

“This program is like nothing else I have ever been involved with. There are so many good ideas and everything is so easy to find… The difference to my results in the past few months is nothing short of phenomenal”

Kevin Young


If you can find a more comprehensive mentoring and coaching resource anywhere, then we suggest you sign up for it today.

Also, this is not a series of videos you have to sit through.

It’s like we’ve highlighted the most important parts of a best selling ‘how to book’ by the best of the best who have actually been there.

…and it’s not just the information, the mentors inside the members area are proven trainers which is why they’re always in demand.

We value your time and champion your success. We’re here to help you make the next 12 months the very best of your career.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a money back guarantee. Check it out here.

How easy is it to find what I want quickly?

We have designed REXR to make it quick and easy to find what you want. Listen on the go, before an appointment or at any time to get a shot in the arm. Simply search in these categories:- Prospecting, Presentation, Listing Process, Service, Negotiation, Leadership, Time Management, Personal Marketing, Property Marketing, and Working Buyers.

How often is the content updated?

We found that good advice NEVER goes out of fashion. While what we do has changed very little over the decades (listing and selling) – how we do it is always evolving. For that reason, we are creating and adding new exclusive content every week. The REAL Deal is a classic example.

Does it include Property Management?

Yes, we have audio and video on Property Management as well as sales skills, and tips on leadership and running a successful business.

Is it relevant if I am just starting out?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just talk to the top performers (they are certainly there and have a lot to offer) but we also feature agents just starting out. What they have encountered and how they overcame the many obstacles we all face.

Does it cover staffing and recruitment?

Inside the Leadership area in REXR, as an example, you will find advise about setting up a business, establishing an EBU (Effective Business Unit), employing and working with a PA and how to develop culture in a business – big and small.

Do I have to pay 12 months up front or can I pay it month to month?

We offer an incentive for those who want to secure their annual membership but we also offer an easy monthly plan.

Does it cover social media?

Social Media is a very important part of developing a real estate agents profile. We feature ongoing segments (audio and video) that deal with this ever changing and important part of your development.

Is it audio and video?

We feature hundreds of video and audio segments on everything from Prospecting, Presentation, Listing Process, Service, Negotiation, Leadership, Time Management, Personal Marketing, Property Marketing, and Working Buyers. In some cases we even provide download material that relates to the topic we are covering.

Does it include scripts and dialogues?

One thing we do know from interviewing, working with and talking to successful agents for over a decade – they leave clues. That is what REXR excels at doing. Picking up the clues, dissecting them and role playing how they work. Sure, we give you examples of what to say and when to say it, but we go one step further and help you develop it into dialogue that is uniquely you and therefor is much more powerful.

Is it just highly successful agents who are featured?

Sure, we feature the world’s most successful agent (mostly from Australia and New Zealand) and we are grateful that they are so willing to share their success stories and tell us how they work, but we also realise the importance of ‘crawl before you walk’ and ‘walk before you run’. For that reason we take professional development seriously and will always encourage you to learn the ground rules first and build on a firm foundation so you can sustain massive success when it happens. You will get guidance on every step of the journey no matter where you are in your professional development.

Can I try before I buy?

As part of our guarantee, we are prepared to allow you access to REXR and if you don’t like what you see you can leave. Check out the details here. That is how confident we are that you will get so much from what we have to offer and with the addition of new material every week, you will want to stay and enjoy the journey with us.

Kevin Turner

Who is Kevin Turner?

For most of my working life, I have been involved in either helping others set up and run businesses or owning and operating small businesses myself.

Before starting in real estate in 1988, I worked in radio as an announcer, salesperson, promotions manager and was General Manager of various radio stations in Queensland and New South Wales.

While selling real estate, I was ranked as the top salesperson in Queensland and remained in the Top 10 Salespeople in the state until 1991 when I commenced with a major real estate franchisor as a sales trainer, business development associate and was appointed State CEO in 1992.

I have operated a number of real estate offices as business owner and was General Manager of several real estate offices in Christchurch, New Zealand between 1996 and 1999 with a sales force of 120 people.

Since returning to Australia in 2000, I have been able to combine my business, radio and real estate careers to create interesting and informative real estate and small business programs on Brisbane Talk Station 4BC Brisbane, 2UE in Sydney, Sky Television and various regional radio stations around Australia.

The real estate show is now produced weekly as a podcast available at

I also produce a daily 7 to 10 minute show for real estate professionals that is made available as a podcast through

Through my various radio and internet shows, I regularly talk to and interview leading property commentators and property investors all over the world. Through this, I have developed the ability to become one of Australasia’s leading discussion and interview facilitators, extracting information about investing and building strong property portfolios in any economy and running very successful real estate careers and businesses.

All of this experience and knowledge has come together in Real estate Express Results which features the best of the best.

High value training that I am proud to present!


Get started NOW for less than $0.95 a day!
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    Includes immediate 24/7 access to all training and success tools.

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  • $47/ month
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    Program valued at more than $7700. $47 x 12 months is $564. Agreement is for 12 months.

    Terminating will attract a circulation fee equal to 50% of annual payment.

    Includes immediate 24/7 access to all training and success tools.

    • Instant access
    • Private login
    • Regular LIVE webinars

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’ve set this up so you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

If, within 30 days of Joining us at Real Estate Express Results, you’re not convinced the wisdom, strategies, ideas and advice from our panel of Top Agents is going to help you win more listings and make more sales, then let us know and we’ll refund your training investment no questions asked.

Why wait to become successful in real estate when you can take the proven shortcut?

Get more listings and sales when you’re mentored by the masters and discover the REAL secrets to real estate success!

Get started NOW for less than $1.40 a day!
(Total value: over $7700!)

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